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Smart Hands & Business Support

Providing business support and technical knowledge be able to provide solid base for growth into the future.​

We don’t just provide support in the traditional work order form, our teams specialize in ensuring that your business is supported in a process of preventative, more-so then reactive.

What We

  • Preventative Maintenance in Electrical, Security & ICT Services

    • Thermal Imaging, Auditing & Testing of Main/Distribution Boards

    • Emergency & Exit Lighting System Auditing & Testing

    • General Maintenance and Auditing of Security, AV & ICT System

  • Energy Efficiency within the office and building 

  • Deployment of ICT Infrastructure Rollouts

  • Business, Point of Sale, CRM Platforms

  • Conference Room, Digital Office & Workstations

  • UPS Power Systems for Critical Infrastructure

  • Service Desk Incident Reporting

  • Local Support for Remote IT Teams

  • Systems Training & Support

  • Support available twenty-four hours, seven days a week

  • On Call Services

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