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Security Alarms and Door Control

The main question our team get is, why is an alarm system still important?

With break-ins to homes and businesses one of the most common crimes, where thieves gain entry via any means possible, an alarm system is the first response to an unauthorised break and/or enter. 


Most people have the general thought, that an alarm system's purpose is only to make noise - realistically that is right! 

However, there is more to an alarm system then just drawing attention from others around. What an alarm system also does, it creates accountability for business owners and a time stamp of an event where a possible break and/or enter or another type of event has happened, for example, from connection of interconnected fire alarms to many other devices and products. A Professional Alarm System installation always follow the Australian Standards (AS2201.x:20xx & AS009:20xx.)

With a monitored alarm system, such as a control room or notification by mobile application, it gives you the information on when to look at your cameras to then act as appropriately.


One of the best things about an alarm system is that you are able to securely integrate control of your front gates, front door and roller doors into the one system, which gives you additional and secure control of your system through mobile applications, card readers or PIN numbers, which can also arm and disarm your alarm system at the same time, giving you the knowledge when someone has entered your property. Gone are the days of hiding the key under the pot plant or under the door mat!

Keeping your home and business is simple in a few steps


Securing your property.

Securing your property is generally one of the most common ways of taking away access to your home or business. This will stop a good number of thief's from entering, but not all. It is always best practice to lock all your doors when you’re home, in addition windows when you are not home and to consider security screens for additional security. For our business customers, adding door chimes and door control are a few quick and easy steps to mitigate any potential risk of anyone entering unknown to staff.

Professional Installation and Reported Maintenance of a Monitored by Control Room or Mobile Application Alarm System.

Not only just having your alarm system installed and maintained by a licensed security integrator. With the right security integrator, you can connect other devices into your alarm system, from your Compliant Interconnected Smoke Alarms, through to monitoring of other devices such as your Closed-Circuit Television System, Uninterrupted Power Supplies, External Mounted TV's and a range of many more products. As our phone and internet services have changed with the introduction of NBN, we do recommend utilizing a mix of LTE (Mobile phone Network) alongside your NBN for access to your security system. The MyAlarm (Bosch) and Ultrasync (Tecom) platforms give you redundancy options.

In addition, having your system professionally serviced also gives the opportunity for a security audit by your Security Advisor, to ensure that your property is secured the best it can be. Depending on your home and contents insurance, this could also save you money on your policy (please check your insurance PDS or insurance company for more information.)

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Regular self-testing of your Alarm System.

Regular self-testing of your alarm system is very easy to do and generally depending on Alarm System should be done either weekly or monthly. To complete this test, always ensure that your Monitoring Control Room and all app users are notified before and after the testing. Arm the alarm and then walk past all the motion detectors, open all doors and windows connected and follow instruction for all other devices connected as required. Once you have completed the testing, confirm with your Monitored Control Room they can see all the tested devices or check your history on your mobile phone application. If something did not work or there was an issue, your Professional Service Team will be able to assist with finding the issue.  

Connect with your Neighbours, Local Neighbourhood Watch & Authorities

The good old days, having your neighbour’s number in the phone book near the phone stand are no longer. With mobile phones now taking most calls as our fast-paced lives increase, it is important to connect with your neighbours and to ensure that you have their updated details, as mobile numbers do change more frequently. Two other important numbers to have saved in your phone are Crimestoppers (1300 333 000) and PoliceLink (131 444).

Being vigilant and looking out the window when something doesn’t look right and reporting information to these organisations is still important. Gathering information and data to assist with crime prevention and to astatine crimes being committed assists Policing operations of all levels. If a crime is in progress or someone is in danger, always call triple 0 for immediate action. Keeping up-to-date and attending local Neighbourhood Watch meetings also is a great way of connecting with connecting with other members of your community. Alongside Neighbourhood Watch, myPolice Queensland Police News share a variety of information from Community News to Urgent Information for the general public.

For more information on how Scope EI can assist you or your business with your security risk mitigation, please contact us.

Securing property is a growing task, especially without the right advise. Our team advise you to check the license of anyone assisting with your home and business security.

You can also check a security installer and advisory licence via the Queensland Government Website

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