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Height Adjustable Workstations

Over many years, workplaces have made various adaptations to align how people work in office environments. However, not only from technical advancements in the office, setup and structure of most office spaces remain relatively like how they were many years ago!

Information from an ABS National Health Survey – around 44% of adults between 18-64 admitted that their work consists of mostly sitting. The same study also revealed about 45% of adults were not undertaking at least 150 minutes or more of exercise. Given that we are spending so much of our lives seated, making improvements to our health can be as simple as changing the way we work!

Height Adjustable desks are great for anyone working in office environments. Changing the day from sitting to standing is a simple step employers can take to combat the negative effects of static working setups.


What are the health benefits from a height adjustable desk?

  • Helps with back pain.

  • Assists mental health and energy levels.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Higher morale.

  • Reduces poor health.


How do height adjustable desks improve health?

  • Engaging more muscles.

  • Lowing blood sugar, especially after eating.

  • Mobility increases metabolism.

The Scope EI team can assist with turnkey solutions and offer many solutions for your next Work from Home Setup or even your Office Fit Out.

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