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Alarm System Testing

Many people who own an alarm system, or have one installed in their property overlook one of the most crucial elements – the testing of their alarm system to ensure that it is working properly.


Testing your alarm system is simple and easy, however why should you test your alarm system and what are the advantages of functioning it?

Testing your alarm system is important:

  • To ensure doors, windows, motion detection and any other alarm system device is working as it should.

  • Making sure that the sirens both inside and outside are working to draw attention.

  • Ensure that your monitoring station and/or your mobile application is getting the signals from the alarm system.


The advantages of a regularly fully functional alarm system are to protect your home or business from any potential intruder, which time stamps when intrusion of your property has taken place. This can also activate several different things, from

  • Turning lights on.

  • Putting an event flag into CCTV recordings for easy navigation to find when the intrusion took place.


In addition to protect your family, staff, and business operations, through duress and medical alert systems, to a central monitoring station to respond appropriately to what duress or alarm they have received.


For business and organisations, we recommend alarm system maintenance every six months to a year, depending how your alarm system is operating, what devices it is monitoring and if the system is controlling other devices – such as Doors, Lighting, Air Conditioning and Audio-Visual Systems. This avoids any potential system outages from battery failures, schedule changes (sunset/sun rise, public holidays, etc) and having a report stating that your alarm system is operational, and any maintenance or device issues are noted for service or replacement.


For residential installations, we recommend alarm system maintenance once every 12 months and this is to also include a battery change to ensure your alarm system is operational when the power goes out, for a period of time and any maintenance or device issues are noted for service or replacement.


If you’re looking for a new alarm system, service or maintenance to your current alarm system or want to find out more about the testing process for your system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information or to book a consultation, please contact us. 

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