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Australian Fundraising Specialists

Australian Fundraising has been assisting schools, child care centres, sporting clubs and charities since 1999. We offer a range of fundraising programs including our various Fun Run programs providing materials for the schools to run a successful fundraising event that is fun and memorable for the children. ​


In 2018 we expanded our Fun Run program to provide schools inflatable start/finish banners throughout the country to be used at their Fun Run events. We currently have over 50 banners in use across the country at any given time. Our banners are shipped from one school to another within a term and one banner can be used by up to 6 schools in a term. ​


We initially engaged Scope EI to install energy efficient lighting and upgrade switch boards, along with electrical compliance and energy management calculations for cost savings. After sitting down with Corey and the team, they were able to gain a greater understanding of our core business which is assisting schools with their Fun Run events. During our discussions, Corey identified that our fans used to inflate our start/finish banners needed to be brought up to the Australian Standards. The value add was the attention to detail in our systems, making recommendations around the workplace efficiencies. This had an immediate effect after our implementation and review.​


Safety is our number one priority as we are dealing with more than 500,000 students nationally, Corey assessed our procedures and equipment, identifying risks and developed an idea to install RCDs direct to our fans, in conjunction with upgrading imported items to a class 1, which was a first of its kind in Australia. Through his ability to use efficiency through safety initiative, it meant that when we ship our start/finish banners to schools throughout Australia, we do not need to provide instructions or a manual to connect and safely use the fan or RCD, it is already attached and ready to use. This has given us absolute peace of mind that when the fans are in use by schools, they are safe to use. Risks and Hazards were identified during a business growth phase, allowing us to adapt policy and focus on our business goals.  ​

Corey and the team at Scope EI have been an integral part of our business for the last 5 years. They have grown with us along the way and were integral in assisting us when relocating to new and larger premises in 2022. They assisted in fitting out our new CCTVs throughout our premises, installing emergency lighting to bring the building up to standard as well as installing a new integrated security system, including keyless entry. The new system allows us to manage our own security rather than relying on third party security companies. ​

We have been very grateful for the knowledge and expertise that Corey and the team have brought to our business. Nothing is ever too difficult, and team always loves a challenge! ​


Kylie Gaydon

Operations Manager

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