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Consult JR

Corey and the Scope EI team have established themselves as Consult JR’s preferred electricians ​

for intricate industrial installations. Their unwavering dedication to their craft, comprehensive technical expertise and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction have made them invaluable partners for Consult JR.​

Despite facing difficult installation conditions and the owners urgent request to minimise operational disruptions, Scope EI successfully installed a new main switchboard and Power Factor Connection equipment tat the Transmaster. The teams unwavering commitment to delivering excellent outcomes drove them to go above and beyond, working extended hours, sometimes late into the evening, to achieve a high-quality installation. As a result, the installation immediately began delivering const saving to the customer though reduced electricity consumption. Overall, it was a job well done, reflecting Scope EI’s outstanding dedications to delivering exceptional results for their clients. ​

When tasked with the critical job of modifying Gold Coast Airports substation HV switchboard and substation build for a parallel 11KV Energex supply, Consult JR identified the need for an experienced electrical contractor they could trust. Scope EI was the natural choice, given their demonstrated expertise and proven track record. This involved making intricate fibre and control modifications to the HV board which required a thorough understanding of our design and high level of onsite collaboration. Some of the installation was performed wire-by-wire on an operational board and mistakes were not an option, as any errors could result in the loss of power to the entire airport precinct including hazardous areas. After hours testing and synchronising multiple generators during cutovers were critical to the job outcome, never the less, the Scope EI team rose to the challenge, working tirelessly and flawlessly to complete the project. The outcome was an installation that has proven to be trouble-free and reliable for the client ever since, a testament to the Scope EI’s professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results.​

Justin Reede

Principle (RPEQ)

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